Paper & Paperboard

Malleable, inexpensive and highly absorbent, paper and paperboard are the most fundamental elements of packaging and shipping. That gives us a fantastic base from which to build and a big canvas on which to paint, so to speak. We love paper and paperboard because there is always a way to improve on how to utilize them.

Paper Series Ink Blender

Bring all of your paper products to life

The PS-12 system is formulated to achieve the highest strength finished ink blenders possible without sacrificing print quality. The Paper Series can be used with our Color Matcher ink management system to match standard and customer colors. All ink systems developed by Interactive Inks are available for use with our custom A.C.T. Ink System® package for advanced formulation, correction and quality control.

Renewable Inks

Make your mark without making a footprint

For those of you looking for a sustainable and renewable option for water-based printing ink, Interactive Inks & Coatings has developed Grn-Flex. Grn-Flex can be manufactured using soy-based polymers or renewable Rosin Resins that can significantly lower the ecological footprint at every print station. Grn-Flex allows users to be friendly to the environment without sacrificing print quality, truly a must-try.

Paper & Paperboard application image

Additional Applications