Tags & Labels

When it comes to tags and labels, brands are looking to say the most with the least amount of landscape. That isn’t lost on us, which is why we’re always looking for ways to create the most vibrant colors and tones, so when it comes to tags and labels, it’s your brand that sticks out the most.


Elevate your line with the Poseidon Series

Poseidon was created to be a low-maintenance, high-quality ink system. Poseidon has quickly become our most popular ink system for high line process work and offers the ability to increase press speeds while decreasing press-side additives. Poseidon was formulated to print exceptionally well on both paper and film substrates while utilized in conjunction with an OPV or laminate.

Active Cure LED Inks (ACF)

Active Cure LED exhibits high gloss as well as excellent abrasion and scratch resistance. LED 395 provides excellent resistance to alcohol, bleach, detergent and harsh solvents (ex: MEK). Active Cure LED Inks are formulated to work in conjunction with our A.C.T. Ink System® packaging for quick and accurate color replication and quality control. UV LED Inks are both available in standard blending systems as well as pre-mixed custom and PMS colors.

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Additional Applications