3D Resins

With over 20 years of UV Photopolymer development experience, you might say 3D Resin Solutions by Interactive has more than what it takes to bring your projects to life. Whether you’re printing for industrial or hobbyist purposes, our SLA, mSLA, and DLP solutions are perfect for your 3D printing needs.

We are proud to partner with 3D Resin Solutions to give our clients strong, precise and impact-resistant 3D resins, perfect for both industrial and avocational usage. Like you’ve heard before, the future is here, and it’s spectacular!

Stereolithography (SLA)

The most common of the three 3D resin printing processes, Stereolithography (SLA) selectively cures polymer resin using UV lasers as its light source. SLA has a high stiffness and smooth, injection-mold-like surface finish. It's perfect for intricate designs and cost effective.

Masked Stereolithography (mSLA)

While mSLA uses the same components as SLA, it substitutes a masked LCD screen for UV lasers to project light. That screen masks an ultraviolet backlight that then casts a shadow on the resin you’re using. It's also much faster than SLA printing and can handle multiple models at once.

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Similar to SLA, DLP technology uses a digital projector screen to flash images of layers across a platform rather than a laser to make solid parts with resin. It has faster build speeds and eliminates the need for lasers and galvanometers.

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