Laminated packaging is a great way to make sure that your brand resists scruffs and scratches while retaining a sheen that sticks out using bonded elements. For the curious, it allows you so many different ways to create solutions to improve on it, which is where our concepts came from, and where our concepts of the future will be born.



Our Solventless Lamination system was created in order to achieve the bond strengths necessary for destructible bonds between the printed substrate, ink film, adhesive film, and laminate without tunneling. All ink systems developed by Interactive Inks are available for use with our custom A.C.T. Ink System® package for advanced formulation, correction and quality control.

Active Cure UV Inks (ACF)

Active Cure UV Inks were developed for fine line type, screens and bold spot colors on a large range of porous and non-porous substrates. Active Cure cures at high speeds and exhibits high gloss, excellent adhesion, scratch and abrasion resistance. UV Inks are now available in Low Migration systems.

Lamination application image

Additional Applications