Surface Print Film

Surface print films are a great way of keeping pre-packaged and sturdy products bundled together for the consumer, but striking the right balance of printing on a polymer that contracts under heat is a challenge, no matter the product. At Interactive, we see this as an opportunity to concept with physics as well as chemistry. The results are concepts that really tighten up your brand.

Shrinkable Film Series

High-Speed Inks for Shrink Film Applications

The Shrinkable Film Series Surface Print Ink System provides the substrate versatility, performance and speed for maximum results. This line offers innovative technology for high-speed, fast-cure inks on shrinkable PVC. Exhibiting a high degree of flexibility, these inks make an excellent choice for thermal forming on vinyl as well as shrinkable PVC. They are available in bleed-resistant pigments and will perform on anilox rollers as fine as 2 BCM. A Super Opaque White is available with outstanding opacity and leveling for smooth laydown.

U.V./LED Toner-Vehicle Blending Systems

Utilizing our three-part High-Strength U.V. / LED Toner Vehicle Set (TVS) offers extreme versatility to the end user. The U.V. series TVS allows users to formulate for both standard U.V. curing for Mercury bulbs and LED 395nm bulbs by simply changing the photo initiator package during the blending/formulating phase. These systems can be used in conjunction with the A.C.T. Ink System® for quick and accurate color replication and quality control.

Dura-Max & Laminating Films (DM/LF) Ink Blenders

Flexible, versatile, scratch & scuff resistant

Dura-Max is an excellent choice to eliminate multiple ink systems. This system is “universal” and will allow print operations to inventory just one ink system. Highly pigmented with excellent transfer. Available with low-cost or auto-grade pigments, Dura-Max can be used with our Color Matcher ink management system to match standard or custom color.

Surface Print Film application image

Additional Applications