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About Us

Interactive Inks and Coatings wasnʼt so much founded as it was dedicated. Dedicated to developing innovative products. Dedicated to an unrivaled customer service experience. When we started, we knew that if we adhered to these tenets, the results would speak for themselves.

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About Us

Since 2001, we’ve created a myriad of market-leading products, have been awarded numerous patents, and developed industry-changing solutions. But our greatest pride comes from continuing to offer the best customer service in the industry. See, many of the ideas that led to our developed innovative products were conceived in conversation with our customers. When we say we work with our customers, we mean it!

Interactive Inks and Coatings is a full-service supplier of water-based, UV, LED and sustainable printing inks and coatings. We are product leaders in tag and label packaging and UV inks with cutting-edge products and processes in flexographic and gravure applications. If you are looking for a vendor who cares as much about your business as you do, stop looking and call or visit us today!

We mix science with creativity to produce custom water-based solutions for our clients, giving them a brand enhancement that works as hard as they do.

Our Promise


If we’re not on the same page, it’s just a waste of time and ink.


If you’ve got tight deadlines, we’ve got tight deadlines!


We’re not satisfied unless you are satisfied.


The world is adapting to a greener society, but that doesn’t mean your inks and coatings have to be any less radiant. Interactive has the solutions for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Renewable Printing Ink

Our Grn-Flex water-based printing ink is the sustainable solution for environmentally conscious customers. Manufactured using soy-based polymers or renewable rosin resins, it can significantly lower your ecological footprint at every print station, without sacrificing print quality.


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A Brief History of Interactive

  • 2001

    Interact Inks & Coatings is founded by Tom Tinerella.

  • 2007

    Interactive expands operations with a much larger facility in South Elgin, IL.

  • 2013

    Interactive joins the cloud, moving to a GHS system from an IMS system.

  • 2016

    With the acquisition of Liberty Printing, Interactive expands and consolidates its East Coast operations into North Carolina.

  • 2018

    Podcast is started, garnering attention at expositions and landing Tom and Craig invites to other facilities.

  • 2021

    Interactive’s new brand launches.

  • 2023

    ISO 9000 Certified

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