Find The Ink you Need

Our Paper Series uses an optimum ink for press stability and quality printing. Ph stable and press ready. Inks sold to accommodate the strength required from 1 to 5 BCM.

Computer Color Control

Computer controlled color and strength verification is accomplished by the use of color spectrophotometer technology. Interactive's staff will read and plot color matches using CIE-LAB to insure truly consistent product's. Exact strength and color every time.

Viscosity & pH Control

The viscosity and pH are checked and plotted following statistical methods of process control to insure measured stability and consistency on every Interactive waterbased ink product. Viscosity control can affect color control. Thick inks must be reduced and will lower pigment strength. We work diligently to ensure press ready viscosities and true pH stability allows for the best possible product consistency and press performance.

Print Quality & Performance

The print quality and performance of every Interactive waterbased ink product is tested and fine-tuned under actual conditions. Our technical staff is highly trained and our work is hands on. This provides our customers with a true to life proven product.


The purity of Interactive waterbased ink product is accomplished using a 50-micron filter system. Our products are checked to ensure complete dispersion of pigment and vehicles.