eMixer ERP

Enterprise Solutions Management

The eMixer Ink Manager Application was designed, refined, and field-tested over almost two decades of on-site development. The system was designed directly by ink formulators for ink formulators and manages the complications associated with simple to complex manufacturing and the distribution of compounded material. When a new formulation is created, all associated regulatory Information is generated automatically including SDS sheets and GHS style labels along with all cost information so pricing your products for market is accurate and transparent. Simply put, there is no better management software available for small to midsize compounding companies.

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eMixer Enterprise Solutions Management


~Create and organize formulations.

~Fully traceable batching and management controls.

~Associate L*a*b* data for quality control procedures.

~Import formulas from X-Rite formulation software.

~Automatically calculate density from raw materials.

~Document regulatory and COA information including pH, VOC, HAP,
  Viscosity, Gloss, and more.

~Automatically generate GHS classifications, SDS reports, and associated
  label requirements.

~Easily create and modify invoices with custom charge features.

~Built in pricing structure for volume discounting or container based

~Maintain, track, and circulate consignment inventory.

~Inventory controls include allocations allow for immediate.

Managerial Systems

Simplification and Control

ERP Reporting

Details and Reporting

The system comes standard with a range of reporting
options to give management a snap shot of what's
happening or a microscope of the finest details.

ERP Customer Management

Customer Management

Manage customers in detail, from price rates, to order
history, to locations management.

ERP SDS Generator

Safety and Compliance

eMixer AUTOMATICALLY generates both safety and environmental
data on all formulations. Managing safety and compliance has
never been this easy or efficient.

Laboratory Applications

Process and Development

ERP Formulation Manager

Manage Formulations

eMixer features a single, intuitive creation system for new
products. With it, new color formulations can go from concept to
production faster than ever.

ERP Lab Work and Reports

Lab Work and Reports

Manage and organize all technical processes and R&D in one easy-use platform. Track work through each step of the process or filter by customer, rep, status, or keyword content.

Production Management

Industry and Shipping

ERP Batching

Batching and Management

eMixer allows for easy batching and prioritization of customer orders. The system is easily expandable, allowing for management of multiple production facilities on-site or from a single hub.

Monitor and control raw materials and production related inventory easily across multiple facilities.

ERP Shipping and Distribution

Shipping and Distribution

Store customer shipping preferences and label, ship, and track orders from a single terminal.

Please Contact Us to learn more and to see just what the eMixer ERP can do for you!