Payment Methods

Interactive Inks and Coatings is dedicated to providing the best, most convenient service in the industry. To better serve you, we now accept cryptocurrency payments! To make a secure cryptocurrency payment, please follow the instructions outlined below.

To make a Bitcoin payment:

1). First, convert your invoice total into BTC using this Currency Converter. Enter your total in the slot provided for USD and the BTC total will update automatically based on live exchange rates. Please note that as the conversions are live, the USD total entered will change to match rate adjustments if left idle. Copy your BTC Total. You can also call us at (800) 344-4650 for your converted total.

2). Second, please ensure that you are signed into your Coinbase Account or Download the App here. If you'd like to use another Bitcoin Wallet or App, the top options can be found here.

3). Third, click the Bitcoin Button below. Paste your BTC Total into the "Amount". Please enter your Six-Digit Invoice Number in the "Name" field to ensure proper identification and application of your payment.

Pay With Bitcoin

Thank you! Please allow for One Business Day to receive an emailed confirmation verifying receipt and application of payment.

To make a Credit Card payment:

Invoice Number: