Fluorescent Flexographic Printing Inks


The FG-20 line offers excellent press stability, water-resistance, and single pass densities. Contact our Customer Service department for a no-charge sample today. For increased transfer and lay down, customers can add 5% of FGLX20-1 press-side if necesssary.

For more information or to sample these materials please Contact our dedicated customer service team.




*Twenty Q-Tip rubs equals ( 1 ) point resistance on either BOPP or Coated Paper.

  Substrate BOPP Substrate
Coated Paper
Resistance Property: Water Resistance Property: IPA Resistance Property: Alkali 2% Sol. Resistance Property: Amm 1% Sol. Resistance Property: Bleach 1% Sol Gloss
On BOPP   X 5 5 5 1 3 5-10

FG-20 Fluorescence

  FG-20 SKU Description
  FGBL20-801 801 Blue
  FGGR20-802 802 Green
  FGYE20-803 803 Yellow
  FOGR20-804 804 Orange
  FGRE20-805 805 Red
  FGPP20-806 806 Pink
  FGPP20-807 807 Purole
  FGLX20-1 Fluorescent Transfer Varnish