Customize Your Ink System

Customizable Flexographic Ink Systems

Generally, what determines the ink series that best suits your printing needs is mainly the application and substrate. For this reason, it’s common for ink suppliers to provide broadly compatible ink series regardless of the application in an attempt to create a "One-Size Fits all" product. But as you know, printing is rarely that cut and dry.

We recognize that flexographic printing is often more complicated and often a minor alteration of a quality ink series can save you headaches, downtime, and waste. Water-based inks and their properties are a composite of their four primary components, the Binder, the Pigment, the Additives, and the Diluent.

Flexographic Ink Formula Breakdown

The formulation's properties are dependent on its individual components and additive / binder combinations are constantly being developed. This means that each ink series is infinitely customizable and any ink series can be crafted or modified to meet almost any need. If one of our custom ink series needs modification, we will modify and customize any of our proven Ink series to suite your specific application requirement. Interactive Inks and Coatings also provides any ink series in custom colors matched to any specification. Check out our A.C.T. Ink System® for in-house color quality and replication

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