Aqueous Toner Flexographic Ink

Aqueous Toner-Vehicle Blending Systems

Toner-Vehicle blending systems allow for users to formulate in several different water-based ink systems without the need to inventory multiple baselines. These systems can be used in conjuction with our A.C.T. Ink System® package for quick and accurate color replication and quality control.

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Aqueous Toner

  Toner SKU Description (BWV)
  HSPB10-01 Pro Blue 8
  HSPG10-01 Green 8
  HSWR10-03 Warm Red 5
  HSRR10-07 Rubine 5
  HSRR10-02 Rubine LF 6
  HSPV10-0-1 Violet 3
  HSPV10-02 Violet LF 8
  HSYE10-04 Yellow 5
  HSYE10-03 Yellow LF 8
  HSRH10-05 Rhodamine 3
  HSRH10-02 Rhodamine 8
  HSPP10-01 Purple 2
  HSPK10-05 Mixing Black 8