Dispensing Units


Need more stations? Need to source from drums or totes? The A250 is the answer. The A250 delivers all of the speed, precision and operational convenience of the A200, but adds the versatility of HMJ tech’s modular pump stands. Source from any number of pails, drums or totes and arrange to suit a room of any size or shape.

  • Fully Automated Dispensing For Up To 24 Valve Stations.
  • Includes A Modular Pump Stand System To Source From Any Container, Including Pails, Drums And Totes.
  • 2-Stage+Pulse Valves For Fast Dispensing Combined With Excellent Precision And Repeatability.
  • Compatible With All Non-Flammable Liquids.
  • Single-Point Dispense Is Ideal For Pails, Jugs And Any Specialty Container With Openings As Small As 25mm [1"].
  • Industrial-Grade Controls, Pneumatics, Scale, Touchscreen